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Health Awareness Program

What we do

Health awareness programs on various issues of health and lifestyle can help in creating a healthy society by popularizing preventive measures. With the help of internet, SMS and social media sites, social health awareness programs can be run to educate people.

Physiocure Health and fitness forum is a community with close members who work collectively for a common purpose – to create an interactive platform for the collaboration of medical professionals, patients and the common man. We, at Physiocure, aim to educate everyone about health and fitness and do well in innovative yet simple ways.

There are many medical terms that can only be discovered by qualified medical professionals. At Physiocure, we try to creatively translate and insert those technical terminology in the form of pictures, banners, animations, and more so that patients and the general public know about them. 

The community, Physiocure, strives to emerge as a strong and promising intermediary through which the patient and a layman can find out all about the inaccessible and precious research work of experienced, appreciative medical professionals. The platform has been launched with the objective of helping the common man to understand the most important healthcare information in a constructive and relative yet easiest way.

You can be a part of this health awareness by joining our health and fitness forum. You are always welcome to share your experiences about preventive measures and treatment for any specific medical condition.

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Our approach to raising health awareness

We have helped over 8000 thousands patients to regain their health over few years.

We have PAN India availability through Online Consultation for the people who are far away from the Clinic.

We treat disease, injury and deformity by physical means and advance therapies rather than by drugs or surgery. We treat not only pain but also gives cure to the cause of the pain. We also provide education and advice for health promotion, disease and injury prevention by our community health campaigns.

We work in collaboration with advisory panel of leading doctors of various streams like Orthopaedic Surgeons, Pain Physicians, Neuro Surgeons, Gynaecologists, General Surgeons etc.