Neurological Physiotherapy Conditions

What is Neurological Physiotherapy Condition

Neurological Physiotherapy simply means rehabilitation of functions which have been hampered due to problems with brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves. We offer Rehabilitation treatment protocol to people who are struggling with decreased range of motion or functions, muscle weakness, lack of balance and endurance. Neurological physiotherapy is basically a kick start to the message pathways where the brain is struggling to receive. Exercises helps to create new pathways by stimulating brain with repeated movements.

It is possible to achieve a great degree of freedom and quality of life for every condition.

Physiocure aims not only to increase quality of life but also helps to gain a better outlook & confidence on the conditions by improving overall quality of life.

Conditions includes

Benefits of Neurological Physiotherapy

Many patients with neurological conditions struggle with range of motion or function, muscle weakness, lack of balance and endurance, which can severely affect their daily routine. Strength, movement, balance and coordination can be improved by stimulating the nervous system through various activities and exercises, which allows the neurological physiotherapy work.

Treatment of Neurological Physiotherapy Condition

Physiotherapy treatment protocol varies depending upon the condition. A structured rehabilitation protocol is made including the short term goal and long term goal. Treatment sessions can be carried out at home or clinic depending on the needs and condition of patient.

Treatment consists of stretching and strengthening techniques. We rehabilitate in such a way that patients meets everyday tasks and functional activity like rolling over in the bed, transfer from bed to chair, walking, climbing stairs and many more.

Our motivated Physiotherapist helps you achieve maximum independence.


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