About Founder - Dr. Amit Shriwas


About - Dr. Amit Shriwas

It all started with a vision, and that vision was to build a center that would treat physiotherapy conditions holistically. With the establishment of the physiocure clinic in 2013, Dr. Amit Shriwas’ dream became a reality. As a fitness enthusiast, he was exposed to numerous forms of injury care, such as physiotherapy and remedial sports physiotherapy.

Dr. Amit Shriwas, who has 14 years of expertise in the profession, describes physiotherapy as “a medical treatment that is a combination of injury prevention, rehabilitation, holistic fitness, and sustainable healing.” Physiotherapy is primarily concerned with movement and the science that surrounds it in order to treat any concerns that may cause impairment or injury; after the issues are resolved, physiotherapy may assist patients in maximizing and restoring their vitality and strength (before any further injury).

He specializes in treating lower back discomfort, stiff neck, shoulder stiffness, poor muscle tone, and muscular imbalance. He develops treatments and workouts to help you get moving and function at your optimum operational potential. He, together with his team of highly experienced physiotherapists, will assist you in diagnosing your condition and the root cause of your pain; this will lead to a series of treatments and strategies aimed at eliminating the problem from your system so that you may return to enjoying a long and pain-free life.

Dr. Amit Shriwas

Founder & Director -Physiocure Clinic

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