Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation In Mumbai

Pre And Post Surgical Rehab

Pre Surgical Rehabilitation Service

Prior to your scheduled surgery (any joint/spine), you will be evaluated by our physiotherapist for a pre surgical rehabilitation examination and therapeutic treatment / intervention plan.

One purpose of this journey is to obtain a baseline of information including your pain status and severity, your functional abilities, your strength, the available range of motion every joint, and your breathing pattern. An assessment will be made up of any requirements (e.g., equipment, safety optimization) that occur at home after surgery.

Our pre surgical treatment enables you to recover quickly and easily from any orthopaedic surgery. Our team of experienced physiotherapists can ensure that you have the optimal functional ability to maximize your recovery before undergoing any operation.

Our physiotherapists are competent and will work with you to coordinate your recovery. If you are undergoing a surgical joint replacement, surgical revision or a surgery that will affect your mobility or functional capacity; Contact us and assist us in your recovery and return to your daily life.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post surgical rehabilitation may be necessary for various surgical procedures, including orthopedic, cardiac, thoracic, neurological, and abdominal surgery. All types of surgeries present with many post-operative results that can be helped with physiotherapy.

We offer special post surgical rehabilitation to help you get you back on track:

What are The Benefits of Post Surgical Rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy should begin immediately in the hospital after surgery, although it is important that once you are discharged you continue physiotherapy to achieve the best possible recovery.

Our physiotherapy team will encourage you to do a variety of exercises to strengthen and mobilize any affected joints and muscles and will also help improve circulatory or respiratory problems that develop in the hospital.

Other benefits include:


Physiocure Post Surgical Rehabilitation

– Anyone who has had surgery and who is experiencing pain, stiffness, reduced balance and coordination, muscle weakness, decreased mobility, reduced exercise tolerance and less independence require rehabilitation program.

– Rehabilitation program begins when the patient is discharged from hospital, our treatment will help patient not only to be physically fit but also make mentally strong which benefits in early recovery

Our physiotherapists will be thoroughly evaluated and short and long term goals will be made to work with you to maximize your recovery potential and minimize any secondary problems for surgery.

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