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Physiotherapy, also known as “physical therapy,” is basically the treatment of restoring, maintaining, and making the most of any patient’s mobility, body movements, functions, and well-being. We, at Physiocure Clinic, conduct it through physical rehabilitation, prevention of injuries, and working on patients’ overall health & fitness. 

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Established in the year 2006, Dr. Amit Shriwas (Physiocure Clinic) in Kandivali East, Mumbai is a top player in the category of Physiotherapists in Mumbai. A physiotherapy doctor or a physiotherapist basically works with the patients and helps them in managing their pains, balancing, mobility, as well as motor functions. A person, at some point or the other in her/her lifetime, often comes across a situation where he/she would need the services of a physiotherapist like in the case of a car accident, or maybe after some kind of surgery, or sometimes to address lower back pains too. The physiotherapists at our center usually make use of exercises as well as hands-on techniques (that include manual therapies, dry needling as well as trigger point therapies) and different other methods, along with educating patients about the same. Our physiotherapists here actually get the patients involved in their recoveries. 

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Sports Physiotherapy is Available at Physiocure Clinic...

physiotherapist dr. amit shriwas

Sports physiotherapy helps in preventing and managing injuries that result from playing different sports and doing different exercises for any age group and any level of ability. Sports physiotherapists play a vital role in the lives of athletes of all age-groups and for all ability levels, assisting them to enrich their performances in various sports tournaments.

We have a team of specialized sports physiotherapists, who give evidence-based pieces of advice on safe participation in any kind of sports as well as any type of exercise. Additionally, they also encourage active lifestyles to individuals so that they can improve and maintain their quality of life.

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