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What is Sports Injury Physiotherapy?

Sports Physiotherapy Conditions

Sports Physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that basically deals with injuries related to sport activities like over-training, lack of conditioning or improper way of performing the sports technique. Sport injuries can result hairline fracture, dislocation of joints, sprain or strains. For a sports person to recover it may take couple of weeks to months depending upon the type & severity of injury.

We at Physiocure Clinic have specialized trained physiotherapist in mumbai who takes the full responsibility to create a regimen keeping in mind what kind of injury a sports person can suffer by playing a particular sport, how to prevent further injury, if injured than how to treat. We follow a system of customized rehabilitation program by focusing on sports injury physiotherapy performance enhancement.

Top 10 most common sports injuries are:

  1. Hip Flexor Tension (Injury on upper-front side of thigh)
  2. ACL Tear / Strain (Ligament)
  3. Concussion (Brain injury)
  4. Groin Bridge (Groin strain)
  5. Shin Splits (Injury to front side of lower leg)
  6. Sciatica (Nerve pain)
  7. Hamstring Strain (Muscle pull behind the thigh)
  8. Tennis / Golfers Elbow
  9. Shoulder Injury (Dislocation, Muscle strain, Ligament injury)
  10. Patellofemoral Syndrome
  11. Knee injury
acl tear or strain

Treatment at Physiocure begins with Relieving pain & Discomfort by using modalities & specific exercise technique to treat the root cause. Further progressing to Recover activities of sports by Rehabilitation exercises. In order to maintain the physical compliance Retraining the body is very important. This is the crucial phase of achieving desired goal in health & fitness by applying fitness principles.


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