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Geriatric Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Seniors Physical Rehabilitation Therapy
Geriatric Physiotherapy or Geriatrics Rehabilitation is a Branch of physiotherapy which deals with the management of physical problems in elderly people. It mainly focuses on people in the aging process. geriatric rehabilitation physiotherapy helps older people or the elderly to improve physical balance and strength, build confidence and keep them active.

Geriatrics Physiotherapy Importance

As we age, our body undergoes many degenerative changes that reduces strength in muscle tone that inhibits mobility and flexibility. We experience changes in social and emotional functioning with increasing age, affecting our quality of life and general well-being.  Geriatric Physiotherapy care is important because it includes a sequence of prevention and intervention measures to provide the necessary care and support to improve and manage functional independence and quality of life.

Conditions of Treatment

1) Joint Pain

The joints connect the bones within your body, bear weight and provide support during movements. Usually, joint pain is caused by injuries, inflammation of the lining of the joints, hemarthrosis, arthritis, STDs and gout. If joint pain is left untreated for a long period of time, it can restrict mobility and cause weakness or instability to perform normal activities. geriatric rehabilitation physiotherapy is the best treatment to help reduce joint pain and improve joint stability.

2) Generalized Weakness
Generalized weakness is one of the most common issues that almost every person faces after a certain age. One of these features is degenerative changes that come with age, resulting in poor muscle tone, stiff joints, etc. This worsens with the presence of other chronic conditions such as neurological issues, endocrine problems, and musculoskeletal issues. Some of the common causes of generalized weakness are flu, thyroid disease, anemia, depression, lack of sleep, unchanged diabetes, heart failure, and side effects of the drug. Geriatrics physiotherapy helps in regaining physical strength and stability, thereby improving the quality of life of patients.

3) Postural instability
Postural instability is a condition when a person is not able to maintain an upright position. In other words, it is the imbalance and loss of reflexes necessary to maintain a correct state. Geriatric physiotherapy, such as balance exercises, can improve postural instability and help patients resume their normalcy.

4) Balance impaired
Lack of balance in the elderly is a loss of normal functioning of muscles and bones. It is most commonly caused by arthritis and orthostatic hypotension. Other factors that cause balance defects include numbness in the legs and feet, eye problems, blood circulation problems, and the intake of multiple medications.

Geriatrics physiotherapy treatments include balance exercises to help improve muscle and bone functions.

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Choose Physiocure For Geriatric Physiotherapy Assessment

At Physiocure, we aim to  maintain functional independence and overall well-being of elderly people.

1.  Helps to improve and maintain range of motion of different joints.

2. Specific exercises helps to reduce joint  or sine pain.

3. Helps maintaining muscle strength and endurance.

4. Elderly can independently perform all their activities of daily living.

5. Supervised exercises helps in building power and stability which is required to live an independent life.

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