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Physiotherapy is a complete science in itself, solving the puzzle of restoring the normal movement and function of a person’s body. Any limitation inactivity due to injuries such as fracture or degeneration can be best restored by the way of some carefully-designed armamentarium of exercises for the targeted muscle groups causing limitation. These exercises help the patient by breaking any adhesions or contractures due to prolonged inactivity as a result of any injury. These exercises not only help with injuries but also help improve and restore normal body function by increasing mobility. You will tend to become more active and confident of your moves whilst you recover from your injury in a pain-free manner. Improving your fitness levels will also help you with your weight loss efforts.  Come to Physiocure Clinic!

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Established in the year 2006, Dr. Amit Shriwas (PhysioCure Clinic) in Kandivali East, Mumbai is a top player in the category of Physiotherapists in Mumbai. A physiotherapy doctor or a physiotherapist basically works with the patients and helps them in managing their pains, balancing, mobility, as well as motor functions.

A person, at some point or the other in her/her lifetime, often comes across a situation where he/she would need the services of a physiotherapist like in the case of a car accident, or maybe after some kind of surgery, or sometimes to address lower back pains too.

The physiotherapists at our center usually make use of exercises as well as hands-on techniques (that include manual therapies, dry needling as well as trigger point therapies) and different other methods, along with educating patients about the same. Our physiotherapists here actually get the patients involved in their recoveries.

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With each passing day, you can measure the improvement or progress made during the recovery phase at our Physiotherapy Center in Thakur Village, Kandivali.

If your condition requires extensive exercises, which should mandatorily be done under medical supervision, then Physiocure Clinic is your right destination to restore your lost mobility. You will be glad to learn to do simply even the most complex exercises in the most appropriate way to ensure a complete recovery from your injury.

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Progressive strength training, balance, and activity modifications can help you a great deal while you work hand-in-hand at Physiocure Clinic, the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Thakur Village, Kandivali.

Once your orthopedist has cleared you to participate in physical therapy sessions, you need services from our well-qualified and expert physical therapist, who can outline the best and specifically designed therapy program to help your condition for getting the most successful outcomes in the form of excellent mobility and restoration of function. This is the primary aim of our physical therapy program that you must enroll in.