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Best Physiotherapist Clinic in Mumbai

With a worthy team of utterly professional and highly experienced physical therapists, we at Physiocure Clinic, put our patients first and provide them with the very best advice and evidence-based treatments to help them recover from injuries in a pain-free manner. Our physiotherapists have a great wealth of experience backing them, so they are capable of treating any type of musculoskeletal condition including back pains, soft tissue injury, joint pains, postural dysfunctions, and also post-op rehabilitation. Physiocure Clinic takes pride in being a very professional Physiotherapy Clinic, where you can benefit from our prompt service that includes professional assessments and quick diagnosis followed by flexible and tailor-made rehabilitation programs suited to your individualistic medical requirements.

Meet Dr. Amit Shriwas the Best Physiotherapy Doctor in Mumbai!

Established in the year 2006, Dr. Amit Shriwas (Physiocure Clinic) in Mumbai is a top player in the category of Physiotherapists in Mumbai. A physiotherapy doctor or a physiotherapist basically works with the patients and helps them in managing their pain, balancing, mobility, as well as motor functions.

A person, at some point or the other in her/her lifetime, often comes across a situation where he/she would need the services of a physiotherapist like in the case of a car accident, or maybe after some kind of surgery, or sometimes to address lower back pains too.

The physiotherapists at our center usually make use of exercises as well as hands-on techniques (that include manual therapies, dry needling as well as trigger point therapies) and different other methods, along with educating patients about the same. Our physiotherapists here actually get the patients involved in their recovery.

Dr. Amit Shriwas Physiotherapist In Mumbai

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We follow a twofold ethos, the first is on providing end-to-end medical service where our team works with you at every step of your recovery process, and the second is about creating an individualized treatment program so that you can help yourself in the recovery journey. We operate as a private clinic at various locations in Mumbai including Kandivali West and Kandivali East, staffed by a highly-qualified team of physiotherapists, who have extensive knowledge for the management of sports, work-related and musculoskeletal injuries. Now Conveniently located near you in Borivali West, Mumbai. Our Clinic provides a range of services for your different medical conditions demanding physical therapy.

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