What Exactly is Interferential Therapy?

Ift In Physiotherapy

What is Interferential Therapy (IFT)?  IFT, which stands for Interferential Therapy, is a sort of electrotherapy used to treat the persisting pain. The theory on which treatment is based works by interfering with two medium frequencies of different values. For example, if a current in circuit 1 flows at a frequency of 3000 Hz and […]

What is Sports Physical Therapy? Treatment, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation

Physiocure Clinic Sports Injuries Treatment

The goal of sports physical therapy is to improve the performance of physically active people via prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation. What Can We Do to Injury Prevention? Sports physical therapy is the discipline of providing treatments to help people who are athletically active avoid injuries and, if they do, recover quickly enough to continue […]

Hamstring Injury: How Physiotherapy Helps You to Recover Fast?

Hamstring Injury Treatment In Mumbai

What is Hamstring Injury? Hamstring is a club of three muscles placed at the back of your thigh, starting from your hip region, running through your thigh up to the lower of your knee. While being involved in any physical activity when even one out of these three muscles gets overstretched beyond its limit then […]

The Difficult Task of Choosing the Right Physiotherapist Simplified

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A physiotherapist, like any other medical professional, is governed by some strict service standards. Different physiotherapists have different areas of expertise. Whether a person is suffering from some specific health condition or he/she has suffered some injury, selecting the right physiotherapist to do the job becomes very crucial. Wrong selection in this regard may cause […]


What is Osteoarthritis of Spine? Degenerative spinal disease is known as Osteoarthritis. A condition where there is wear and tear of cartilage. Cartilage provides cushioning between spinal joints, allows smooth movements of spine, acts as a shock absorber when there is any jerky movement of spine. In Osteoarthritis of spine,  gradually the cartilage of spine […]


ROLE OF PHYSIOTHERPAY IN WOMEN’S HEALTH Women are more capable and independent today than in previous eras. They have redefined gender roles, claimed greater rights and freedoms for themselves and proved their full potential. However, in the process of fighting for equality and making a place for themselves, it is usually their health that gets […]


Sciatica Pain Treatment

Today, it feels like everything has changed—it’s either been closed, postponed, or canceled. Some states have officially shut down. You’re working from home, while watching your kids (and trying to teach them). You haven’t seen or hugged your loved ones in weeks. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent porta justo sit amet blandit volutpat. Proin vel lacinia justo. In blandit ultricies risus a porttito…


Cervical Spondylosis Physiotherapy

The cervical spine is formed by seven small vertebrae which  they begin at the bottom of the skull. In cervical spondylosis, the sides of the vertebrae often develop bone spurs called osteophytes. Over time, the discs get thinner, and their ability to soak up shock is lost, increasing the danger of symptoms. Swollen vertebral joints, […]